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Le Dame Blanche {YouTube 16 Oct. 2020:}

I hope you are still doing this. It feels so authentic. and like real music. thanks for posting these pieces.


Hold Me Closer (Track #6 - Cloudy Day)

Charted at #1 in the Pop and Pop/Rock categories in 2002 at

"Sounds like a lost lennon basement tape. Re-recorded I believe it would be a gem. John lives." - gmalone from Watertown, Connecticut

"Like the chord progression. . . . This is the kind of melody that could stick in your head. Vocals are competent, guitar arpeggios remind me of late-period Beatles. Tasteful lead work. You win your round; good luck!" - OO@197802~jjodice from Atlanta, Georgia

"Sounds like the Beatles to me. The melody is cool. I like the vocals and the guitarist is good. Everything sounds good to me. It's a sweet song I could make out to my boyfriend with. I just might listen to this song again which is very rare for this site." - applesounds from Chicago, Illinois

"Great Melody. Oh my god, the beginning of this song sounds like an Ozzy track I know...(with the guitar riffs) lol amazing ;) I like this sound you guys, slightly retro-fashion White Snake style. Very artistic lead guitar, you have talent. The vocals are perfect with the melody/mood of this song. Melody is slow enough to almost dance with yet I doubt many people would...we are under the "rock" section. Now around 3:00 in the song, there is a separate guitar solo, at first I thought it was bass lol but never-the-less, it's original and I like it a lot... The effects you guys used are good enough to be catchy in this song's case. Very nice, guys." - Euphorian from Cridersville, Ohio

"I think the vocals sound good. Sounds like a small chorus and the guitar riff sounds pretty simple, but perfect for your song. Cool work." - Manolin from Chino, California on

"Commercial Ozzy. You've probably gotten that comparison before - take it as a compliment! That is a wonderful hook and a super change-up into what I believe is an extended's a wonderful track to listen to and it's in the right key . . . .nice lead fills . . . I think it's a gem overall!" - Questian from Phoenix, Arizona

"Cool lead vocals, a little scary, gave me kind of a Twin Peaks feeling. I like it!" - Marvel from Gothenburg, Sweden

"This song sounded like old rock to me. The melody is good, and the guitar picking is awesome! The vocals are good, they remind me of Guns N Roses almost." - Diva_Jessica from Major, Saskatchewan, Canada

You'll Never Really Know (Track #2 - Cloudy Day)

"If I didn't know any better I would say that John Lennon wrote this song. Nice going. You have a melody that is peaking exceptionally well. There is a lot of vibe here. In the 60s I believe you would of had a hit . . . this is a good song and well written." - AlRozz from Columbus, Georgia

"Hallelujah. Very melancholic stuff, sounds like the beatles..."
- elektrikalorius from Copenhagen, New York, Denmark

I Just Can't Go on This Way (Track #4 - Cloudy Day)

"Mr. Lennon, I presume? I can hear that you are influenced by the Beatles and that you wear your influences proudly which is a good thing. The vocals are suitable for the song and the filtering is good. The lead guitar is well played and the melody is very soothing. Very enjoyable indeed." - Joshspeed from Johannesburg, South Africa

"Beatles-esque riff. Nice guitar work here. Oooh, and the vocals sound a bit like the Beatles too." - ArrowsAndStars from Seattle, Washington

"Great. Good 50's style melody. Nice lead guitar work. . . . Great song." - saab280z from Raleigh, North Carolina

"Nice lazy beat. Reminds me of early Beatles! Sweet." - smallshot from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"This song has a clean 50s rock sound and a catchy melody. The lead vocals are strong and unique." - cuscus from Flemington, New Jersey

"Finally something I can *ucking stand. You're good. I only hear a few good bands once in a blue moon. If I wasn't broke all the time, I would honestly buy your record. Don't give up . . . I think it's time for real music to have a comeback! I really like your melody and the solo guitar is simple and nice." - Unknown_Bassist from Los Angeles, California

It'll Come Back to You (Track #5 - Cloudy Day)

"I like the sound of the tune. Vocal melody is haunting. The "House of the Rising Sun" strumming pattern is very effective. The verse is really cool, then the chorus comes and makes it official - the song is really good. Authentic sound." - diskoPunk5C from Hollywood, California

"Nice mellow pop piece. Lead vocals and overall song melody are good. Sound brings me to somewhere in the 70's. Lead guitars fit the lyrics and the vocals well. Good luck." - popcycles from Hollywood, Florida

"Good! I like this song a lot. Keep on the good work!" - GabrielSousa from Leiria, Portugal

"Nice melody. I like acoustic sound. Good guitars and cool melody line. nice mood. . . ." - OO@301985~vasdim from Sofia, Europe, Bulgaria

"Knock knock -- who's there.........The Doors. This is cool but reminds of the Doors a bit at the beginning. The chorus helps to define the tune. I would listen to this again." - DaveBFZ from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Just before listening to this song I was reading an email. When the song came on I forgot I was doing a review and was just happily listening away. The music sounds like some old tapes I have of Neil Young. Not that the singing or even song is really much like his stuff. It's the mood, melody, and vibe. Guitars are also right for that era and in fact so are the vocals and this entire song. The production, except for the cymbal wash, is of the era as well. Not sure if that's a good thing or not but I sure enjoyed the song." - aronovich from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

She's Dangerous (Track #11 - Cloudy Day)

"Way catchy intro... Nice way to start a song (the words are cool). Lead vocals, lyrics and melody are on the right track. The words are what hit songs are made of." - TerryCarroll from Algonquin, Illinois

It's Just a Cloudy Day (Track #12 - Cloudy Day)

"Sweet!...Ahhh! Refreshingly pleasant. Nice tune with some slick sounds. Nice guitars, nice solo, nice everything. Nice song. Not very helpful, I know, but I think the word 'nice' describes the song pretty well..." - Merl from Worcester, Midlands, United Kingdom

"Cool. Good vocals delivering a catchy melody. The lead guitar is tasteful and understated. Well done." - Spyre from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Too Many Tears (Track #1 - Too Many Tears)

"Sounds like a Kinks song. This is a clean song and the sparse production reminds me of the old English invasion songs. The vocals are very good and I would only suggest keeping the simplicity as long as you can. It's a breath of fresh air!" - tyronepickle from Bowling Green, Kentucky

Wild Wind (Track #2 - Down This Road Before)

"Hell yeah! I hear the tradition oozing out of this. Lyrics are top notch. Vocals are smooth and solid. Melody is great. Would love to hear more stuff from this artist. Threw out the 90 second rule and listened to this three times, first to review, second and third to turn the volume wide open. Love this! Not usually a big folk fan, but this could make me one." - lukejwise from Glasgow, Kentucky

Bittersweet (4 Stars for the Album)
"This album grows on you. The more you listen, the more you like it." - International Country Music Association (Rhett Ashley)

Lonely Road (3 Stars for the Album)
"Good songs and vocals, . . ." - International Country Music Association (Rhett Ashley)

Kiss My Ass (Track #11 - What Goes Around)

"Whoa Cowboy! Sounds like the song you'd hear in a movie where Debra Winger storms away from a drunk cowboy in a pick-up truck and heads toward the local bar with the red neon sign buzzing out front. This song's a lot of fun! Guitars are the best, totally set the mood. Great stylized vocals. Nice work." - blue326 from Los Angeles, California

"Great opening line! The opening line of this song is great. How can you not like a track that starts out with "kiss my as$"! Don't have much to say about the guitars. They are pretty simple as is the rest of the song but that's what makes it so great." - mrmagpie

"Funny and well crafted. Lyrics are quite good. Guitar playing is excellent. Melody is good. Love the hook." - JELLYX from Orange County, California

"Hootie sounding. You sound like Hootie. I like the guitars. They are basic chord changes but very effective. The melody kinda goes along those same's nothing new but it works. What makes this song is your lyrics... They are original and something a lot of people can relate to. Good luck." - kroberts from Tampa, Florida 

Who Knows Your Heart Like I Do (Track #1 - Bittersweet)

"Out of the way, Neil Young! A sweet down home love song. It slightly reminds me of Neil Young in the early 70's. The song is well mixed, the acoustics sound great, and the drums fit right in. The doubled vocals are a plus, which really make this song shine and gives off a rustic feeling. The melody is very classic rock, and I say job well done . . ." - Piper1 from Gothenburg, Rock City, Sweden

"This is really a good song done very well. I like your vocals. They grab you immediately. The guitars are perfect. They don't cover up the haunting vocal. The song, itself, both melody and lyrics are excellent." - maluko from Gastonia, North Carolina

Words That I Used to Hear You Say (Track #2 - Bittersweet)

"60's flashback. What a refreshing song. I love tunes like this. Has an uplifting beat but very meaningful tune. Great guitar work. Haven't heard this type of playing since George Harrison. Good luck with all future song writing." - fabfour54 from Warren, Ohio

"Chad and Jeremy. Very 60's British sounding. Interesting flange on the vocal. Sounds like a 12 string lead, great melody, my kind of song. Great song, catchy." - whatalou from Costa Mesa, California

Hooked on You (Track #6 - Bittersweet)

"This song has what it takes to make it. The vocals are there. The melody is incredible and the guitars know what they are doing. This is a really good song. You . . . are going to go places. Very good work!" - spookaine from Vista, California

I Just Can't Hide It (Track #1 - Lonely Times)

Honorable Mention, 1988 Music City Song Festival, Amateur Song Division/Country Category

"Nice song. Good work. This song is worth a good recording. Nice vocals and good writing. I like the guitar melodies the best." - holysue from New Brunswick, New Jersey

"This is a good one. Nice, dense, very melodic tune. I certainly like that 'hook'. Lead vocals are very reminiscent of Bob Mould in tonality. . . . He's not making this kind of music anymore, and someone should. Good work!!!!" - beanish from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Fine stuff. I can dig this. I like the happy guitar sound." - FUNT from Auckland, New Zealand

You Didn't Know (Track #2 - Lonely Times)

"Beatle-esque. The melody and the mood are very much like John Lennon (solo) and the Beatles." - jbslappy from Newport News, Virginia

"Cool acoustic Beatles. A kind of Beatles-ish waltz. I'm sure you guys are big Lennon/McCartney fans. This is a good pop song. Doesn't have to be deep and mysterious to be great." - Sorge from Middlebury, Connecticut

Why Do You Make Me Blue (Track #4 - Lonely Times)

"Catchy charm in its simplicity. Pleasant musical nostalgia without sounding dated. This artist definitely understands the "less is more" mentality. . . . this song's undeniable catchiness would make it a must-have for fans of independent rock. Well done." - strangeway from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Wherever I Go (Track #5 - Lonely Times)

"I'm stuck! Brilliant song! Nice to hear someone writing such strong melodies. You can't avoid the comparisons with the Beatles, but when someone pulls it off this well, you can't knock it. . . ." - jtstory from Hayle, Cornwall, United Kingdom

"Nice tune. Your voice reminds me of Mark Sandeman from Morphine. Great acoustic. Keep on the good work." - GabrielSousa from Leiria, Portugal

"Yes. I like the song and I like even better the mood!" - eagled from Tel Aviv, Zurich

"Good vocalist! I loved the tone and delivery of the singer. Lots of emotion and feeling. Nice simplistic playin' really highlights the vocal track. Nice work!" - colah from Tucker, Georgia

North, North, North (Track #5 - Lonely Road)

"Catchy. This reminds me of the oldies but goodies my Momma used to listen to when Ii was a kid and that is where I got my love of Country music. Lead is great, the Melody is top notch and the rhythm is great for dancing. Bang up job guys." - Dry_Heeves from Meat Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

Don't Hang Your Head So Low (Track #9 - Lonely Road)

"This is nice. Very alternative country. Reminds me of some of my favorite bands like Uncle Tupelo and Whiskeytown." - aren1980 from St. Louis, Missouri

"Nice country tune! Nice song this one! Very simple, but the melody is really good. I like the vocals. He has a very unique voice. Keep on to this guy." - Eloquent from Aarhus, Denmark

Outlaw Trail (Track #11 - Lonely Road)

"Willie Nelson walked once down this road. It's good to hear this type of song again. Next to a good cowboy (Marty Robbins) gunfighter ballad song this is my favorite kind of song. Lead vocals are good. Melody moves the words along nicely." - hillgruebel from Mukwonago, Wisconsin

Lonely Road (Track #12 - Lonely Road)

"Wow. What a compelling voice! Though very simple and stark (lyrics and music) the song has a very strong pull. It cuts right to the "heart" of the matter. This guy doesn't seem to be trying to impress anyone--just letting out what's got to come out. The track is so haunting, I can still hear it in my head. Now that's the way to do it. Can't wait to hear some more..." - thatswhatisay from New York

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